Racing Flags

The way we communicate with you, the driver

Communication is very important on the track.

It gets loud on the track and everyone eventually is in different positions on the track.

Racing flags instruct the drivers as to what is happening on the track. Everything from accidents and safety infractions to last lap and the winner is…

All flags warnings MUST be followed by all drivers on the track, for your safety, other drivers safety and the safety of our staff.

The descriptions below outline what each flag represents and what drivers must do.

We're Open

The racing season at 3 Flags Motorsports Park starts each May long weekend and runs until September 30th, weather permitting.

During the race season, we are open

2 PM to sunset.

Ready to race?

Green Racing Flag

GO! | Green Flag

Start the Race! This is also used to signal drivers to resume racing.

Yellow Racing Flag

Caution! | Yellow Flag

Be Alert! There is an incident on the track. Slow down and avoid bumping other karts. Do not pass another Kart when the Yellow flag is displayed.

Red Racing Flag

Stop! | Red Flag

Pull over to the left side of the track and come to a complete stop.

Passing Racing Flag

Passing | Red & Blue Flag

Courtesy passing flags must be followed when displayed. Slow down slightly and move over to outside of the track to allow the faster driver behind you to pass. Be aware that there may be more than one driver attempting to pass.

Black Racing Flag

Safety Infraction | Black Flag

You do not want to see the black flag. Not operating the kart safely, following the rules and flags, or the directions of the marshal will result in your removal from the race.

Checkered Racing Flag

Checkered Flag | End of Race

End of the race. Do not stop or slow down before the checkered flag or before crossing the finish line marked on the track so you can get a fast final lap recorded. The marshal will slow your kart down once you have crossed over the finish line.