Group or Corporate Packages

Group racing is the ultimate in uniting the team spirit. From after work parties to friends meeting up and sports teams celebrating a win, racing in a group builds lasting friendships and memories for many years to come. For corporate events, you can improve employee morale, team cohesiveness and work force effectiveness. These events provide an atmosphere that promotes friendly competition and team spirit which is great for communication, bonding and increasing productivity.

For a private exclusive event, we highly recommend a Full Facility Rental to make your racing experience at 3FLAGS that much more memorable.

Getting on track and experiencing the thrill of group racing is a simple 3 step process.

Step One | Book Your Event

A minimum of 6 drivers with paid entries is required to book an group package. We have 8 karts available for each grid session. 

Step Two | Select your racing package

1) Mini GP : $49.00 per person, approximately 30min per grid session.
 10 Minute Qualifier
 10 Lap Final

2) Grand Prix : $69.00 per person, approximately 45min per grid session.
 10 Minute Practice
 10 Minute Qualifier
 14 Lap Final

3) Ultimate Grand Prix : $89.00 per person, approximately 1hr per grid session.
 10 Minute Practice
 10 Minute Qualifier
 10 Lap Pre-Final
 14 Lap Final

Daily Memberships $5.00 plus GST are not included in the above pricing.

Step Three | Registration & Orientation

Each driver must then sign a liability waiver and attend a drivers briefing immediately prior to your race session.

We're Open

The racing season at 3 Flags Motorsports Park starts each May long weekend and runs until September 30th, weather permitting.

During the race season, we are open

2 PM to sunset.

Ready to race?