Racing Karts

The karts you will be driving are certified competition racing karts manufactured in Italy.

These karts are factory equipped with molded body work for the rental market to protect the driver from wheel on wheel contact.

The karts are powered by GX270 (9hp) Honda 4 cycle engines that can be remotely controlled by the track marshal to govern the speed to the match the classification and experience level of the drivers.

The karts can also be slowed or shutdown by the track marshal in the event of an on track caution or incident that the driver may not be aware of.

We're Open

The racing season at 3 Flags Motorsports Park starts each May long weekend and runs until September 30th, weather permitting.

During the race season, we are open

2 PM to sunset.

Ready to race?

GX270 Racing Kart

The RENTAL KART projects have been developed on computer using the most modern design systems for competitive karts. Nothing has been left to chance; the bumpers have been fitted onto supports that are designed to absorb all kinds of impact, absorbing its energy without causing too much damage, and most importantly without transferring this energy onto the framework thus making it more enduring.

The research carried out on materials guarantees the karts long life in spite of the critical conditions during usage. The use of a plastic material connected to the moulding of the steering tie rods and in all parts that are subjects to stress, provide both an excellent rigidity and a considerable ability of absorbing all impacts without being damaged.

Drivers must be a minimum of 14 years old, at least 155 cm (5’1”) tall, and able to safely operate the rental kart.

Maximum driver weight is 117 kg (260lbs).

For more information, check out WHO CAN DRIVE?