Driver’s Briefing

Race Day Instructions


Kart Racing is different than regular driving & video games.

Even though you might be one of those that weaves in an out of traffic to and from work or can beat your friends on your Xbox or PlayStation, kart racing is not the same.

Just as there are rules in regular driving, we have rules as well. Each driver will need to familiarize themselves with the track rules, the track and racing flags.

We're Open

3 Flags Kart Racing is open from Wednesday to Sunday weather permitting.

2:00 PM to Sunset.
Call 306 540 3779 to book.

Please review the Driver’s Briefing information below.

Starting the Race Session

After being placed into your Kart in the Pre-Grid area you will be released to complete 1 parade or warm lap. At the end of the lap you will park your Kart in a starting grid box, behind the start/finish line, assigned to your starting position. You will start the race from a standing start at the wave of the green flag.

Overtaking or Passing Another Racer

If you are attempting to overtake or pass another racer on the entry of a corner or curve you as the overtaking Kart are responsible for making the pass clean and safe. If during the entry of the corner or curve your Kart has not progressed far enough to place your front wheels ahead of the Kart you are passing then you MUST back off and let the other Kart have the position.

Failure to do so will likely result in contact and cause you and the other kart to spin. If an incident occurs and was avoidable in the eyes of the corner marshal it may result in a black flag infraction.

Being Overtaken or Passed by Another Racer

If you are being overtaken or passed by another racer on the entry of a corner or curve and the passing Kart has placed their kart fully beside your Kart you MUST back off slightly and give up the position. DO NOT turn down and bump the overtaking Kart. It will would likely result in both Karts spinning and a Black Flag infraction.

Bumping or Blocking is Not Allowed

Kart Racing is a non-contact sport. 3 FLAGS does not tolerate any bumping or blocking and intentional contact may result in drivers being ejected from the race. You are allowed to make ONE defensive move to defend against an overtaking move however blocking or weaving back and forth to avoid being passed is not allowed.

Incidental Off-Track Excursions

Over aggressive driving or racing incidents may on occasion result in 2 or more wheels driving off the asphalt surface. If 2 wheels are off the track you may slow the kart, get under control and re-enter the race. If all 4 wheels are off the track then you must bring the kart to a full stop and re-enter the track when safe to do so.

If you are off the track and you are stuck or the engine has stalled and cannot move raise both hands above your head and a race official will come to assist you. DO NOT get out of your kart unless instructed to do so.

Respect the Flags

The racing flags are important and a way for the marshal to communicate to the drivers on the track. He flags and their meanings are posted. Flags must be obeyed when displayed.

Never Stop on the Track for Any Reason

Unless you see a red flag, are instructed to stop, or in the case of an emergency, the marshal will stop all karts remotely. If in the event for whatever reason you feel the need to slow down and exit the track behind the cement barriers raise one arm get off the race line to let those behind you know that you are slower. Exit the track.

Finishing the Race

At the last lap of the race you will be shown the white flag. Continue to race until you receive the checkered flag. When you receive the checkered flag DO NOT STOP on the track.

Continue past the start finish line and complete a slower paced cool down lap around the track and bring your kart in behind the concrete barriers to the pre-grid area where you first started your session.

Exiting Your Kart

Remain in your kart with the brake applied. Your kart will be shut off remotely by the race official. DO NOT EXITyour kart until instructed to do so.